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Social Media Marketing & Social Advertising is what we do.


– and we have been doing it effectively since 2008. Although our founder, Amy Houck has been building social conversations since the days of MySpace back in 03′, needless to say, social is our thing.


Our motto is the 4 C’s:  conversation + creative content + creative ads = customers.

Social Media Marketing


Social  Strategy Development


Social Content Creation


Social Data Intelligence & Analytics 


Social Listening Solutions 


Influencer Marketing

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Social Brand Development


Consumers interact with your brand across a number of channels, touchpoints, and devices today – and they expect a coordinated, relevant experience.

Let Us Audit Your Social Media

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Discover Data Such As:

Wasted $$$ Spend

  • 60%

Top Performing Content

  • 70%

Competitor Performance

  • 30%




Are you a little lost on how Facebook can increase your ROI?


Whether you are an advertising beginner or pretty savvy

We can help you increase leads with Facebook.



What is 440?

440 is a social media marketing and social advertising agency that leads with transparency, creativity, and data intelligence to ensure marketing efforts bring growth to each of our clients. 

Where did we come up with the name? 440 = is the A above middle C and serves as the standard for the perfect pitch.  We align you with the perfect pitch to reach your customers. 

149100857642396Amy Houck – Founder 440 Marketing Group

Title: CMO

Experience: Leading in the social media space since its conception, started social media marketing when we called it net-reach and it was a world of chat rooms, created campaigns that launched some of the most visible brands in the world on social media.

Passions: I am a numbers junkie, I study people and patterns, Data Intelligence gives me life, Connecting People, Poetry, Archery, Painting, God, Learning & Teaching Self Awareness, The Walking Dead, Red Wine.

Years in Social Media: 11

Organizations: Amnesty International, Women’s Rights Activist, Grassroots Activist 350.org, Grassroots Volunteer ACLU.


Being a Show-off:

  • Leading in the social media space for over a decade
  • Also known as Amy the creAtor, verified twitter personality with 23K followers
  • Top 1% of all social media influencers -Klear
  • Top 5% of all social media influencers – Klout
  • Mom of a wild haired fearless 4 year old girl named Jade
  • Enjoy recreating famous paintings after visiting them, Picasso & Van Gogh are in my office
  • Member of CNN voted: ‘Top 10 most exclusive clubs in the world’ Silencio
  • My at home work station looks like a command center for a Nasa launch

Getting Personal: I live in Baltimore with my family on the water and we love it! Passionate about helping people see their potential and find balance. I do have a favorite thought of all time, I learned it from an amazing teacher named Leo Buscaglia and it goes like this: “What we think is less than what we know: What we know is less than what we love: What we love is so much less than what there is; and to this precise extent, we are much more less than what we are.”



Q1 2017 Stats



Marketing Tips



Have you seen Wendy’s Twitter account?! With over 1.6 million followers, they’re not doing too shabby. Here’s why. Wendy’s throws shade on Twitter, they roast their competitors, and they know the lingo of their customer base. Maybe this isn’t anything like your brand personality, but there’s a lot you can learn from Wendy’s Twitter account. Here are 4 things you can start doing on Twitter today to stand out amongst your competitors. Get Smarter
Facebook is now offering pharma advertisers a scrolling ISI (Important Safety Info) feature, a design fix for a problem that has bedeviled marketers trying to work within FDA guidelines in space-constrained media. Bayer piloted it with ads for their Betaconnect autoinjector, for MS patients, and announced it at last week’s Digital Pharma East conference. The Bayer ad also features a “Call now” button connecting users to live nurse support. Get Smarter
Are you missing leads because your team isn't responding fast enough on Facebook? Theres a bot for that... I know what your thinking.... AMY... a BOT!! But bots aren't like they used to be.. you can program it to act human, and answer questions, and lead your customer on a journey down the funnel. Get Smarter
Have your email marketing efforts fallen flat? Do your email messages feel more like messages in a bottle? Is it possible your subscribers are only sticking around because they don’t want to hurt your feelings? If any of this sounds familiar, don’t be too hard on yourself. Get Smarter
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- The growing impact dark social has on social marketers - How you can measure dark social - Predictions for the future of social attribution Get Smarter

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100 International Drive, 23rd FL Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

Phone: 410-870-8413




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