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10940576_891516078194_3439687762240448217_nLet’s get a little personal! Hi I’m Amy.

I started 440 Marketing Group to HELP others.

“Each one teach one.” I have a very transparent approach to our work: I believe the more you understand what we do, the better your marketing and advertising campaign will be.

So a little backstory: I started working “social media” when it was called “net reach” and “online chat.” I was there when MySpace was King and Chat Rooms were Queen.  I have watched the industry grow and change and I have seen the POWER social media has on buyers, business, and growth.

I am a data junkie, reports, #’s, metrics, everything that makes a marketing campaign wiser!

For my own personal data:

  • I am: Top 1% of all social media influencers. via Klear
  • 62% influencer of celebrity and power user on Twitter. via Klear
  • Top 5% of all social media influencers (Klout Score 72)



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– The growing impact dark social has on social marketers
– How you can measure dark social
– Predictions for the future of social attribution

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Looking for effective ways to streamline your social media marketing tasks?
Have you heard of IFTTT applets? Applets let you automate social media posting tasks so you can spend more time engaging with your audience.

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Interested in using a chatbot for customer service and marketing?
Facebook Messenger chatbots can help your followers get answers to frequently asked questions and more.

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Influencer marketing will see massive growth over the next few years. But to be successful at it, you’ll need to have the right skills and the tools to help you create effective influencer marketing campaigns.

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Power words are so named because they leap off the page (or screen). They arrest attention.
Which is exactly what you need when your ads are competing with people’s families and friends for attention on Facebook.

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NOTE: the ability to go live from a desktop is currently limited to the Chrome browser and extends to Facebook groups as we

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Why Instagram Live? In a nutshell, Instagram Stories allows you to create media that appears at the top of your followers’ news feeds for 24 hours. Because the Instagram news feed is now controlled by an algorithm similar to the one that controls the Facebook news feed, keeping your Instagram story fresh can help you stay at the top of your audience’s Instagram app. Your Instagram Live video stories appear at the top of the

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Looking to increase holiday sales? Follow these 10 Tips!

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Are you boosting posts but sorta clueless? You are not alone.

Everyday I talk to at least someone who has tried “boosting” ads for their business or their own brand but they don’t really know what it is or what is working. Facebook ads are about targeting…. and bit of customer stalking. You want to know what your customers/fans like, what type of content has the most value to them, and when and how to deliver it. If you haven’t hears of Custom Audiences and all you have been doing is boosting random posts and videos, please read this, and then call us if you need help.

Facebook recently released another enhancement to Custom Audience targeting, Engagement Custom Audiences.

The main difference between Engagement Custom Audiences and Website Custom Audiences is where data is gathered.

Website Custom Audiences collects engagement data from activity on your website

Engagement Custom Audiences collects engagement data from activity on Facebook

You can now target audience segments based on their interactions with your Facebook content.

People who take actions on your Facebook ads like viewing your videos, clicking your lead form, or clicking your Canvas ad are signaling how they want to engage with your brand.

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Do you need to connect with other businesses on Facebook?

Wondering how other brands make Facebook work for them?

In this article, you’ll discover how top B2Bs use Facebook to reach and create relationships with business prospects.

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