10 Tips to Increase sales with #SocialMedia This Holiday Season

10 Tips to Increase sales with Social Media This Holiday Season

An estimated $650 billion will be coming out of consumer pockets in November & December. That is an 8% increase from last season!

Let’s make sure you and your company get the gift of sales this season:

1) Prepare Your Social Network Profiles for the Holidays: 

Change your Twitter header and your Facebook cover photo to something winter or holiday related to get people in the holiday sprit. Direct your fans enter a holiday contest, showcase holiday products, promote seasonal deals, and encourage interaction!

2) Exclusive Offers Behind Like-Gated Facebook Page:

 If people like your page, offer them a 25% off discount code to use toward holiday shopping, offer a like-gated contest entry, or hide information behind a like-gate. If you don’t know what a “like gate” is google the term, you will find hundreds of inspiring ideas.

3) Use a Consistent Holiday Hashtag:

 Come up with your own company hashtag to use throughout the holiday season to get people to talk about your brand in their social media posts.

#MacysBelieve – used by Macy’s for the third year in a row, encouraged kids to send letters to Santa at Macy’s stores. For every letter received, one dollar was donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

#MyKindOfHoliday– used by Target, encouraged fans to share their holiday traditions on social media.

4) Think mobile:

Mobile commerce grew by 80% in 2013, so make sure your website is responsive to mobile customers. If you have a wordpress website all you have to do is add a plugin to achieve this. Here is one, takes 2 seconds. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wptouch/ 

5) Deliver discounts, coupons, and host sweepstakes

Deliver your discounts on channels that mobile users frequently visit like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. OfferPop is one of our fav for this! (Combine this with your like-gate on Facebook) 😉

6) Black Friday/Cyber Monday: 

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the week leading up to Christmas are huge opportunities to encourage purchases from your social fans and followers. Offer Twitter followers a free shipping discount for Cyber Monday by Re-tweeting to unlock a special code!

7)Facebook Ads are the GIFT that keeps on giving:

92% of digital marketers plan to spend the majority of their holiday marketing budget on Facebook, including us! So set a budget per day and spend it, $5 a min will give you decent results, if you can spend $10 per day, set it for one month. Total spend :$300 results = amazing.

8)Email still works:

Email isn’t dead, but BORING emails are, create custom HTML beautiful and CLEAN emails with hyperlinks embedded in them and send them out! Guess what we design these and we offer holiday design discounts, email me at amy@440artistalignment.com with the code EarlyBirdHoliday and get 20% off your first custom HTML design. And if you are wondering we can design anything. Click to see designs: Designs

9) Include Testimonials on Your Brand Page: 

Gathering and sharing customer testimonials is a powerful way to increase holiday sales. One of the most influential types of testimonials is a video of a customer talking about your business, service or product. In fact, this type of testimonial can boost your marketing efforts by 19 to 25%!

10) Post Customer’s Holiday Themed Photos: 

Sharing photos on social media greatly increases engagement but sharing authentic photos taken by your customers is every better! Be sure to offer some guidelines,  such as asking consumers to take a picture or selfie enjoying the holiday season with your product or service. You can ask users to contribute on their social networks by using a hashtag or you can increase engagement by offering a prize for the best photo such as making it your brand’s cover photo or giving the winner a free product.

Got more questions, or want to talk to me about a holiday marketing campaign? Email me at amy@440artistalignment.com 

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