4 Ways to Use Video in Twitter Ads

#1: Make a Video Product Catalog

Twitter video ads are a great way to show off products and services. To enhance the impact of product-focused videos, style them with a specific atmosphere and attitude. This helps you create a visually engaging experience and communicate what your brand is all about.

android wear twitter video ad

Enhance impact with attitude and style.

Android Wear uses a Twitter GIF ad to show off its line of smartwatch bands in a simple yet interesting way. Most of the elements are the same from frame to frame, while displaying multiple band designs on a model. The ad also includes straightforward messaging, so viewers can get a sense of the brand’s style and the benefits of its products all in one glance.

#2: Showcase the User Experience

You can use Twitter video ads to show audiences what it’s like to use your product. Offer a visual experience that will put the viewer right in the center of the action, so you can easily convey the benefits of your product and motivate audiences to hit a Download or Install CTA button.

wish shopping twitter video ad

Visual experiences put the viewer in the center of the action.

In the graphic above, Wish takes viewers through a purchase on its shopping app. By highlighting how easy it is to find and score deals, Wish communicates the value of the app to audiences and inspires them to discover discounts of their own.

#3: Create a How-to Video

Another smart Twitter video ad strategy is to offer unique knowledge and expertise through an instructional video. Present useful content in an interactive way so you canencourage more viewers to click through to your website to learn more.

If you use a pre-existing how-to video, make sure that it’s bright, clear, and visually appealing.

TechSmith uses Twitter video ads to take viewers through the process of filming B-roll for business use. Because the tutorial features shots from inside Camtasia, it’s a natural and unobtrusive shout-out to TechSmith’s own product, while still being informative and helpful to audiences.

techsmith twitter video ad

How-to videos show off your expertise.

#4: Repurpose Video Content

If you’ve created a TV ad for your business, then you already have great material for yourTwitter ad. TV ads can work well on Twitter because they give audiences a high-level introduction to your brand, while remaining short, easily digestible, and entertaining. As a bonus, if you adapt a TV spot for Twitter, you have the opportunity to make the ad even more actionable with call-to-action (CTA) buttons and tailored copy.

No TV ad? No problem! You can reuse an introductory or demo video from your website. Just make sure it’s short and instantly understandable.

After Toyota ran a Prius ad during the 2016 Super Bowl, the automotive company gave the TV commercial a second life on social media. The video ad works especially well on Twitter because it’s high-energy, eye-catching, and easy to follow even on small mobile screens.

toyota twitter video ad

Content produced for TV is great material for Twitter, too.

In addition, it harnessed the power of Twitter’s sharing options with a hashtag that prompts users to engage and discuss.

Tips for Creating Successful Video Ads

Creative plays a vital role in Twitter video success. Content that doesn’t look or sound compelling will be much less effective. The following creative best practices will help your video ads not only showcase your brand in the best possible light, but also drive the results that matter most to your bottom line.

Include a Strong Hook in the First Three Seconds

The first three seconds of your Twitter video ad are pivotal. That’s how long it takes for people to decide if they’ll continue watching or keep scrolling and abandon your message.

Right from the start, videos should include strong, attention-grabbing hooks. Because tweets are limited to 140 characters, make sure your videos are equally concise and snappy.

Taco Bell’s Twitter video ad starts off with an energizing comical bang. Parodying the intensity of a local lawyer commercial, Taco Bell grabs viewers’ attention through high-energy action shots and an overly enthusiastic spokesman.

taco bell twitter video ad

Set the hook early in your videos.

Because audiences can’t possibly ignore the video’s spectacles, there’s a high probability that they will watch the video ad to completion and learn about Taco Bell’s latest menu addition.

Sell Without Sound

Most social media video ads automatically play on mute unless clicked. Twitter users are overwhelmingly browsing on mobile, so keep in mind that they may not be able to turn up the volume. You’ll need to make sure that your video ads can be understood even without audio.

To optimize for silence, you can use creative overlay text and bold storytelling, and convey the value of your product without speaking a single word.

Dunkin’ Donuts sidesteps the need for audio and shows off the user experience on its mobile order app with short bursts of text that explain each step of the order process. If Twitter users do click to turn up the sound, they’re treated to a fun and upbeat soundtrack that enhances the ad, but isn’t crucial to viewer comprehension.

dunkin donuts twitter video ad

Optimize for silence, as some viewers watch with sound muted.

Tell a Complete Story

Audiences respond to familiar patterns in storytelling. Ideally, design your ads to have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Throughout your Twitter video, introduce your brand to viewers and build up to a compelling CTA at the end.

Progressing to the CTA is essential, because it’s the key to getting viewers to take further action on your ad. Especially for direct response advertisers, getting people to click the CTA is everything.

Verizon’s ad features basketball superstar LeBron James scoring several shots with crumpled paper in a classroom trashcan. The video explains that with Verizon’s fast network, viewers can watch clips of LeBron scoring points anywhere, even in school.

verizon twitter video ad

Give your audience a sequence that has a beginning, middle, and end.

Reinforce Your Call to Action

To spark desired behavior beyond simple views, Twitter video ads need strong CTAs. But don’t stop there. Experiment with overlay text, end cards, and voiceover to find out which method is most effective in driving the point home to viewers.

Candy Crush Jelly promotes its game with a fun, upbeat video ad. The final screen encourages viewers to download the game for free. Because this shot appears at the end of the video, it gives viewers a clear next step to take so they can also enjoy the fun that comes with playing the game.

candy crush twitter video ad

Experiment to discover which methods work best.

Don’t Limit Your Definition of “Video”

Twitter video ads don’t require a big budget, actors, or a camera crew. They can alsofeature a sequence of still images or a cinemagraph, which is a still photo that incorporates a subtle element of animation.

Video content can also be a GIF to showcase a simple repeated action that conveys the value of your specific product or service.

In a simple and stylish way, Clinique uses a Twitter GIF to show off its new 2-in-1 lip gloss. Although the GIF only shows a hand opening and using SweetPots, the ad shows off a variety of bright color options and catches viewers’ eyes with geometric patterns.

clinique twitter video ad

A video ad doesn’t always have to be in a traditional format.


When it comes to acquiring and retaining customers through digital video, Twitter is the place to be. According to the platform, 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the site, with 90% of Twitter video views happening on mobile devices.

Twitter video ads are the perfect way to combine rising trends like mobile usage and the popularity of online videos to boost the impact of your digital campaigns. Understanding the elements that go into a successful Twitter video ad and knowing how to replicate those best practices in your own ads are vital to driving revenue and reaching Twitter performance goals.


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