440, known in the music world as perfect pitch, is the ability of a person to identify or recreate a musical note without the benefit of an external reference. It is the A above middle C, tuned to 440 cycles per second. 440 Artist Alignment was created to intuitively align artists with their perfect pitch: their true selves, their brand, and their marketing image. 440 Artist Alignment is a fusion of two division’s online marketing and creative services.
Email: amy@440artistalignment.com – Office: +1.424.777.2276

About our CEO: Amy Houck (born August 25, 1984) is an American social media consultant and branding consultant. She is the president of social media marketing company 440 Artist Alignment, which specializes in marketing music artists. Her acts appear on record labels such as, Universal Music Group, Island Dej Jam, Sony, Republic Records, and a large list of independent labels. Among the artists 440 currently represents is Siedah Garrett who is co-writer of “Man in The Mirror” for Michael Jackson and sang the 1987 #1 duet “I Just Can’t Stop Lovin’ You.” In April 2013, Houck ran Siedah’s recent Kickstarter campaign raising $40,501 of a $25,000 goal, exceeding the quota by 160%. Brooklyn up and comer Krissy Krissy is also one of Houck’s 2012 clients, she signed to Bigger Than Buildings Records, in which Houck is a managing partner, Krissy currently has three songs featured in VH1’s Primetime Programming Menus “Back in Time,” “Good Enough,” “Your Love” her single received an IMA Nomination in 2013, and she has been featured on, MTV, AOL, VH1, HOT97, VEVO, and MTV BUZZWORTHY, just to name a few.

Throughout Houck’s vast career she has had the honor of marketing and branding music artists including, Johnny Cash, Rihanna, The Killers, The Dream, LMFAO, Jon McLaughlin, Maddi Rose, Josh Charles,The Jefferson, Kanye West, Laura Turner, Common, Queen, The Dirty Heads, The 88, The Killers, and many more. She is also responsible for building and designing many websites a remarkable total of 62 in the last 4 years.

In 2011, Houck expanded her social media expertise to include marketing campaigns for select companies and creative small business, including, the renowned Beverly Hills makeup studio,Bobbe Joy, as well as Belle Visage Day Spa. She also using social media to break traditional forms of marketing and reach a broader customer base. Houck markets some of the local business in her hometown of York, PA including, Blueberry Hill, formed in 1980 and now home to some 6000 bushes covering 5 acres!

Houck is also an avid painter her work is published at http://myfolio.com/amyhouck


In An Increasingly Erratic Music Industry Landscape, Social Media Entrepreneur, Amy Houck, Creates A Flourishing New Model For Music Marketing.

A Press interview with CEO Amy Houck: http://www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=141568