What is 440?

440 is an integrated marketing agency that leads with transparency, creativity, data intelligence, and strategy to ensure marketing and advertising efforts bring revolving growth to each of our clients.

I have worked with several social media companies for my clients through the years. I continually look to Amy Houck and 440 for their services as she never lets me down. Amy is an expert in design and has a keen eye for branding of a recording artist. She is an outside of the box thinker and she never fails me or the artist. I would recommend her to anyone and look forward to many more successful projects with her. 


Jennifer Lynies

My Gal Amy with 440 artist management is the most effective  honest company I could ever use.. She brought game to my likes on Facebook and huge on U tube!!
She rocks!!
Xoxo Laura Turner

In an industry where everyone thinks they know everything, its a breath of fresh air to meet someone who can back it up….. Amy Houck/440Artistalignment is the absolute first step towards the major league her Company and her professionalism can make an independent such as myself compete with the big leagues.

Dennis Wynn

I can’t say enough about Amy Houck and her team at 440, and how valuable they have been to the development
of my social media presence. In that I would rather spend time writing songs than tweeting and posting, I must rely
on someone else to handle my marketing, and Amy has come through for me over and over again. She was very
instrumental in launching and managing my successful Kickstarter campaign, where we raised over $40,000 for my
one-woman stage show. Her creative strategies have increased my Facebook Fan Page from a few hundred fans
to a whopping 42,000+. I love her knowledge of and use of analytics to guide my budgeting, and her graphic designs
constantly receive rave reviews from my fans. I look forward to working with Amy for years to come. Siedah Garrett

Amy Houck is a creative genius. I have been in the music business a very long time… as a songwriter, as a music publisher and as a radio personality with New York City radio station WHBI-FM (105.9). Patch Awards were started in September 1981. They were given out “Sporadically, Whimsically, Surprisingly… but most of all, Deservedly.” A few years ago, Amy Houck was awarded a Patch Award for her incredibly innovative Spoken Word. Her ingenuity at creating images from her lyrics… her words… has continued to amaze all of us involved with 30 years of involvement with the Patch Awards. 

Joseph J. Borowski

Amy is a wonderful and valuable asset to any project or campaign, creatively, energy-wise and her ability to achieve the desired goals!

Gary Katz


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