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WTF is a ‘millennial’ ??

What is a “millennial”? A google search for news articles featuring “millennials” published in the last 24 hours yielded hundreds of hits. It seems like the mainstream media has seized upon the term like a dog chewing one of your favourite shoes; they might not have a clue what it really is but they’re enthusiastically using it regardless.

What Wendy’s Twitter Account Can Teach Us about “Doing Social”

Have you seen Wendy’s Twitter account?! With over 1.6 million followers, they’re not doing too shabby. Here’s why.
Wendy’s throws shade on Twitter, they roast their competitors, and they know the lingo of their customer base. Maybe this isn’t anything like your brand personality, but there’s a lot you can learn from Wendy’s Twitter account.
Here are 4 things you can start doing on Twitter today to stand out amongst your competitors.

Facebook For Pharmaceutical Marketing

Facebook is now offering pharma advertisers a scrolling ISI (Important Safety Info) feature, a design fix for a problem that has bedeviled marketers trying to work within FDA guidelines in space-constrained media. Bayer piloted it with ads for their Betaconnect autoinjector, for MS patients, and announced it at last week’s Digital Pharma East conference. The Bayer ad also features a “Call now” button connecting users to live nurse support.

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