5 easy ways to get more followers on Facebook!

When I was little I was caught coloring on the walls, my mom told me, Amy that is not a good idea. I had to get spanked a few times (I grew up in the 80’s where hitting your kid didn’t make them call 911). Now, let me tell you something else that is not a good idea, Buying Facebook Followers:

The #1 reason NOT to do this, is because your real fans won’t see your updates! When you create a status update or make a post, on the bottom right hand corner, there’s now an option that says “promote.” Clicking on it reveals the price you have to pay so that all of your followers will see that particular post (as opposed to the much smaller audience that actually sees it). Because Facebook will only show your post to a small percentage of your followers, a false audience dramatically lowers the chances that the people who actually care about what you have to say will be able to see it. Do you really want to pay $10, $20, $50 per Facebook update to make sure your fans that don’t even exist see important announcements? No your don’t. So don’t color on the walls. Pick up your crayon and write down this plan to get more Facebook Followers:

5 easy ways to get more followers on Facebook: 

1) Your brand needs to be well created. Your profile picture should be fresh and professional and your banner should change every few months. During the Holidays, you should ALWAYS update your banner.

2) Use Promoted Posts. Pay the $5 or $20 to promote VERY WELL WRITTEN posts. A good example of what to promote, would be a video post, a great quote and link post, an amazing live shot post. etc. Think about what you find interesting and chose that post.

3) Facebook Ads, traditional advertisement! Setup a promotion that spends a few dollars per day, advertising your page to friends of your current fans.

4) Give away a free download and PROMOTE THAT POST. And you better have cover art, or I am going to climb threw this computer and digitally smack you! 🙂 (just kidding, no not really)

5) BE ACTIVE (this should really be #1 but I saved the best for last) because you should be posting content, first thing in the am, lunch, dinner, midnight wine hour. etc. And THINK before you post. If its 8am…. are you buying music, prob not unless its a gym song, or a singer/songwriter love jam and your going threw a breakup or in love. Either way, how about posting a video, or a photo, or something fun. Make YOUR FANS FEEL GOOD on your 7 or 8am post. Dont sell to them, INTEREST THEM.


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