“-PE + AE = +ROI”: The Formula of 440 Marketing Group Success (Case study)

Ok, maybe the “math formula” in the title can sound a little obscure. What about:

Why we stopped using Power Editor and started using AdEspresso to grow our agency and enhance our clients ROI“?

Hi, I’m Amy Houck. In 2009, I founded a social media marketing company called 440 Marketing Group. As social media has changed, so have we, but one thing remains at the core of our business Facebook Advertising.

In all industries we market, Facebook remains our #1 for ROI. Two years ago, we were growing and looking for ways to improve our day to day operations to accommodate the growth.

The limitations within the Power Editor for managing multiple accounts was driving me crazy!  One day I saw an ad for AdEspresso, and I decided to give it a try. I used it for 1 client and 1 test. And…

The results were good! So I slowly started moving all the ads for that client into AdEspresso. I ended up creating an ROI that was better than any of our other accounts!

So, in the last year, we migrated all our clients into AdEspresso platform, and the results speak for themselves. Our company has grown, our clients have increased their ad spends, and our partnerships have grown. 

Check out some of our client results from August 2017:

In this post, I will share how AdEspresso helped our agency, 440 Marketing Group, achieve increased productivity and greater success with clients across various industries with Facebook Advertising. And how you can achieve similar results!

How AdEspresso Makes Advertising on Facebook Easier

To start, AdEspresso does all the things you wish Power Editor could do.

It begins with a graphic friendly interface that is easy to use and forward thinking. Imagine reports at the click of a button, or being able to send your client ad variations instantly. Imagine split testing being a visual process you can do in seconds.

Imagine viewing all your clients in ONE master dashboard – with hashtags to separate clients, products, and tests – now imagine your data is already in a graph and send it the client instantly.

This is the power of AdEspresso for agencies. Let’s see it in action.

How AdEspresso Helped Us Achieve A Rich ROI

One of the greatest AdEspresso transformations we experienced as an agency was taking a client from a 1X ROI to a 20X.

In addition to running 440 Marketing Group, I am the Director of Digital at Pascale, a healthcare communications company seeded with creativity and passion (recently awarded 2017 INC 5000.) This position allows me to work with an amazing team and run Facebook strategy for multiple healthcare clients.

Facebook Ads for healthcare are very niche. The targeting is usually very specific. As such, two things are very important, your creative assets and your targets. Unlike other types of clients, in the healthcare space, detailed mock-ups of ads are necessary for regulations and compliance.

AdEspresso simplifies this process in only 3 steps (to success):

  1. We started in AdEspresso with a split test: 4 images, 3 messages, and 3 headlines.
    We were able to screenshot and show the client drafts of each ad to be tested, getting the necessary approval faster.
  2. We tested key interests.
    AdEspresso allows you to see which interests are top performers and which were not. You can see how many clicks came from each interest. You will eventually be able to create very high performing controlled ad targets with this new data.
  3. Once we knew what the top-performing ad message and graphic was, we began retargeting.

We used AdEspresso asset manager to create and organize the following custom audiences in a designated folder.

  • Past 7-day website visitors target
  • Past 30-day website visitor targets (Excluding the 7 days above)
  • Add to carts (Excluding Purchasers)

AdEspresso enables us to see a very visual dashboard global dashboard per client by using the “tag” feature. This is the dashboard for Pascale healthcare client.

Below are two screenshots from their campaigns in AdEspresso.

8 Things AdEspresso Can Do That Power Editor Can’t

Here’s a short list of the many things that we used to do (or that we wished we could do) with Power Editor, and that now we do (better, easier and faster) with AdEspresso.

#1 – Organize Multiple Clients and Ad Accounts by Tags

When you are managing multiple ad accounts, Power Editor is a  pain. In AdEspresso they are all in one place, you can view all clients from a master dashboard. You can see all your campaigns from all ad accounts, and all ads, on a graph and measure your company’s success globally.

Taking that one step further, you can organize clients by “tags” and “sub tags.”

Let’s say you have a client, “Don’s Donuts” and your tag is #dondonuts, but you want to test out a new strawberry donut, and you don’t want the test results to mess up your beautiful high performing dashboard with killer ROI housed under your #dondonuts tag. -You create a “sub tag” like #donstrawberry, and now the entire test has its own dashboard where you can measure your test in a safe visual environment, and then if it performs well, you can change the tag to #dondonuts and view it from the master “tag” dashboard for that client.

With tags, you can click the “Your Tags” option at any time to get an overview of all ad accounts in whatever timeframe you choose. This bird’s eye view helps you scale your client’s growth.

#2 – Organize Custom Audiences for Multiple Accounts

The ability to create custom audiences is not new, but the ability to put them in folders and subfolders in a single easy to see dashboard is new – AdEspresso does this in something called the Asset Manager.

What if you have two clients in the same industry, and you want ideas on what audiences to use? The Asset Manager will let you compare audiences used in different accounts all in one place.

#3 – Automatically Promote Page Posts (for who “Want It Now”)

As an agency, our clients expect us to be on top of things, often instantly. We all know that pressure and that thrill.

In AdEspresso you can automate posts on a page. This comes in handy for the client that wants all their posts “boosted” or wants specific types of posts boosted like “LIVE” videos or just “BLOG POSTS.”  Essentially you can “set it and forget it” based on your client’s preferences.

You can choose to boost only posts containing specific words or achieving a certain amount of likes.

For example, we can promote only posts with a link containing the word “LIVE” – this way no matter what time a client decides to “go live” your agency is on top of it instantly.

Pro Tip: This auto promotion is still something you set with a budget and target, so use your top-performing audience in this “automatic ad.”

#4 – Generate Reports Without the Hassle

Let’s just come right out and say it: reports are the worst! Clients don’t understand the XLS that Facebook puts out without visualizing it. Dealing with Excel files is not only bad for your client but also for your team to understand how to improve the advertising.

AdEspresso has a tool called “Reports Generator” -and that is just what it does but WITHOUT all the hassle! You select your campaign and what you want to measure and report generated as a PDF. Ready to show the client your team’s work.  You can generate these reports by tags, by campaigns, or by ad account!

Think about this, remember the donut test above, where we didn’t want to pollute the master client “tag” #dondonuts, so we made the “sub tag” #donstrawberry, we can generate a report of just #donstrawberry tag and show the client how that product test went (OR) make a report with both tags and show the whole body of work done!

There are different types of charts you can use to graph data in your report, and here’s an example:

AdEspresso instant graphic dashboards make sharing results to clients so easy! But it is more than that, the split testing capabilities and audience asset manager help you to create a visual ROI that is easy for clients to understand.

This graphic “Goals and conversions” is at the bottom of EVERY campaign in AdEspresso. We love taking screenshots of this and sending it to clients.

#5 – Train, Scale, Measure, and Track

As an agency, we work with a lot of real estate clients, from the agency to the individual realtor. We use AdEspresso for both types of clients. For the individual, we use it for training; it is much easier for a realtor to learn visually and creatively. For the agency, we use it to scale, to measure conversions and track value.

The dashboard for each ad campaign allows you to see data that help shape the success of the campaign. In AdEspresso, seeing the top-performing keywords in real estate marketing is a huge advantage.  You can measure which keywords brought in the most clicks and highest CTR.

Graphic insights also give us the ability to explain results very easily; we can prove in the example below that 177 entered their information to be contacted by an agent. That is $1.07 per lead!

#6 – Gain Clients with Transparency

One of the unique ways we use AdEspresso is video pitching.

We set up draft campaigns that have placeholder images, copy, and links. We create a screen share video using Quicktime and Ink2Go (a pen that lets you draw on all windows during a screen share.) We show the client the process of how we would create a split test, so they understand “how” it is done.

Next, we show the prospective client the targeting page and put in actual interests that would be used for their campaign, so they can see in a very transparent way how Facebook Advertising works.

This has been an extremely valuable tool for us in winning clients over other agencies. In an age where transparency is highly valued, the graphic nature of AdEspresso helps you show your clients your scope of work.

#7 – Be Part of a Private Group of Facebook Ads “Nerds”

As marketers and agencies, we all need external help from time to time. We get locked in our own silo, that is where Adespresso University comes in!

It is a private Facebook group where you can ask questions to follow experts and give/get advice or feedback on an idea, campaign, or best practice.

I collaborate with this group and with the Facebook group Digital Marketer all the time, together they are a pool of fresh ideas and feedback when I need it the most.  It is also a great place to give back and share tips that help others!

#8 – Have a Pool of Experts When You Need It Most

One of the biggest aids to our client’s campaigns has been the AdEspresso campaign reviews. I first used them when we were struggling with lead generation ads for a client. Let me take a step back and explain what they are.

Imagine this scenario; you have a campaign you are running on FB and no matter what you do it just keeps bombing! You have tried everything you know, and still your ROI is terrible your CTR is horrendous, and you are ready to give up!

Now, imagine that you can submit that campaign for review by a Facebook marketing team of experts and that they will send you a video review of real suggestions to make your ad perform better.

Ours were so helpful that I booked 1-hour coaching sessions with the team and learned so much that we completely changed our entire strategy on retargeting campaigns. I cannot thank the AdEspresso team enough for what they taught us!

Amy Houck is the Founder/Director of 440 Marketing Group and Digital Director at Pascale. Amy is also known as Amy the creator and is an avid poet and painter with a mix of 20K+ creative & corporate followers @amyhouckceo.
She enjoys spending time with her family by the water in Baltimore.”


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