Brand Management

 i.e. creating and maintain the visual side of the brand.
◦ Promo banners for Facebook wall, Instagram, and Twitter
◦ Creating flyers for each event that maintain her branding
◦ Creating events both on FB and her .com with RSVP and Share links
◦ Needed photos and banners for press and advertisements
◦ Monitoring libel 

  • Maintaing YOUR Brand 60%

Social Media Marketing

Maintain created social networking profiles (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) updating  content, talking to fans, creating status updates, interacting with fans, and updating page content.
Daily Status Updates are a HUGE part of the process; we will send a form called ‘Getting to know you.’ We talk to fans the same way you would, using your style, tone, and interests.
We will post on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Increase daily followers on Social Networks
Building # (Hashtags) and viral presence

Creating and Managing Online Social Advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc

  • Building Your Presence 85%

Grassroots Marketing

The focus of grassroots marketing is to get creative. Instead of launching a message to appeal to many people, we target to a small group more willing to spread our message (ie video, song, link, etc) to a much larger audience, and more important their personal group of friends. Grassroots can produce big results.

Blogs: We do pitch to Blogs and press outlets, although it is not our main focus, there is often opportunity with each client to place them in online features throughout the campaign. Social media strategy works best when we are paired with a successful PR agency!

  • Being Creative 100%

Creative Services

Custom Email blasts

Example click here

Tour Support

Banners, flyers and all needed tour graphic materials. Example click here 

Website Design

Example click here 

EP/ Album Cover Design

Example click here 

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