The Best Words to Use for Facebook, Twitter and Blog Titles to Get Shares [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is an art to writing the kinds of attention-grabbing headlines, tweets and Facebook posts that motivate readers to immediately hit share or tweet. But as it turns out, there’s a bit of science to it as well. When various social media experts examined thousands of blog posts, Facebook status updates and tweets, and looked at the ones that were most likely to be shared, they noticed a pattern.While books have been written (seriously) about how to write an effective headline, when it comes to blog posts it’s not all that complicated. Blog posts that are the most likely to be shared include words like:
• Surprising
• Science
• Critical

When it comes to Twitter, tweets that are likely to be retweeted include:

• Top
• Follow
• Please

And on Facebook, the status updates that are most likely to be shared do at least one of the following:

• Advises
• Amazes
• Inspires